Streamline your DBE, MWBE, and SBE reporting with automated reports and monitoring.

We’ve created a system that maximizes the similarities of existing reporting processes and minimize the learning curve with an intuitive user interface, helping you streamline your process, integrate new users, and keep your projects moving. Our DBE, MWBE, and SBE reporting component helps automate the reporting and monitoring of federal, state, and local municipalities’ business utilization programs. This allows government agencies to effectively manage and integrate a variety of certification programs that are specific to the project’s funding sources and regulations. Real-time data on contracts, purchase orders, service agreements, and actual payment transactions all help optimize administrative efforts and ease the burden of reporting.

Feature Highlights:
• Comprehensive project, contract, and subcontract management
• Comprehensive and integrated certification management
• Project-specific goal and certification management
• Real-time contract commitment tracking and reporting
• Real-time business utilization achievement tracking and reporting
• Real-time prompt payment tracking and statistic analysis
• Multi-level subcontract review and approval workflow
• Automated payment reporting and tracking workflow
• Automated business utilization forecasting
• Automated achievement analysis for proactive monitoring
• Automated Uniform DBE Report
• Comprehensive business utilization reporting
• Advanced management for Design-Build contracts