Our certification automation system enhances project management and makes it easy to track and monitoring your reporting.

Optimize your project management with our highly automated and efficient certification application system. We provide sustainable solutions via a fully electronic and paperless platform that manages the application, review, and approval process for DBE, MWBE, SBE, and all other certifications. Certifying agency and applicants have a uniformly controlled and fully electronic certification system that provides up-to-date information on status and needed support.

Feature Highlights:
• Provides a one-stop certification documentation center for applications and for all required uploaded documents
• Paperless application process
• Manage incoming New and/or Renewal certifications applications
• Assign caseloads to certification staff
• Electronic desktop audit function
• Online Site Visit interview form
• Automation of “Request Additional Supporting Certification Documents”
• Automated Certification Letter and Certificate for Applicant
• Automated Certification renewal process