Improve your invoicing process with our automated solution.

What was once a tedious task is streamlined with our automated and efficient project invoicing management system. Our innovative solution provides all project participants, including lower tiers of subcontractors, with one simplified invoicing review and approval process. Project owners control the entire process of authorization, pencil review, review, and approval of each invoice down to individual billable items, and can automatically track and generate schedules of value reports. They also have access to unlimited tiers of subcontractor invoice submittals and benefit from automatic data aggregation for prime- and upper-tier contractor review and approval.

Feature Highlights:
• Comprehensive contract and bid items management
• Comprehensive change order items management
• Built-in customizable approval process management
• Built-in electronic authorization and signing
• Unlimited levels of subcontractors submittal management
• Automated and remote electronic pencil review process
• Automated subcontractors invoicing aggregation and consolidation
• Automated tracking and reporting of schedule of values for all tiers