Speed up the data collection process and ensure data accuracy with our OCIP/CCIP reporting.

Data collection is made easy with our OCIP/CCIP on-site payroll-reporting component. We make it simple to automate workers’ compensation insurance, on-site payroll reporting, and monitoring for any applicable projects. We work with our clients to reduce administrative costs and streamline the OCIP data collection processes for OCIP/CCIP insurance companies and brokers, as well as data reporting by contractors and subcontractors. With the help of our specially designed data processing engine, our clients save time and ensure accuracy on a wide range of projects. Our system automatically aggregates the certified payroll data provided by contractors and subcontractors and generates OCIP/CCIP on-site payroll reports, significantly increasing the speed of the data collection process.

Who Should Use: Federal, State, and Local government agencies and private organizations.

Feature Highlights:
• Electronic OCIP/CCIP workflow management
• Electronic OCIP/CCIP data reporting
• Electronic signing
• Built-in forms for all major OCIP insurance companies
• Built-in worker’s compensation classification code management
• Automatic data validation against on-site labor workforce
• Automatic contractor and subcontractor collaborations
• Integrated hard copy records management
• Comprehensive OCIP/CCIP statistic reporting