Optimize your Section 3 reporting with our web-based compliance management system.

The Section 3 reporting module is an integral part of our web-based compliance management system, giving our clients access to a secure, web-based and electronic Section 3 reporting and monitoring process. Built upon our proven web platforms and technology, the module not only provides a highly automated Section 3 data collection and reporting among developers, contractors, and subcontractors—it also provides for automated interactive and dynamic reporting for housing authorities, redevelopment agencies, and federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And because of this access to advanced data reporting and analysis, housing agencies are able to build a more realistic understanding of the Section 3 business capacity and local workforce capacity. The entire electronic and automated process provides significant time and resource saving for all project participants, and substantially reduces the reporting burden set forth by the federal Section 3 reporting requirements.

Feature Highlights:
• Automated and dynamic Section 3 self-certification management
• Electronic signing process
• Interactive Section 3 address management ad dynamic validation
• Automated project new-hire data reporting and management
• Automated Section 3 reporting workflow management
• Interactive and automated reporting integration with HUD
• Fully integrated with Davis-Bacon automated reporting module
• Advanced data reporting and analysis
• Enables housing agencies to streamline the tracking process and maximize the utilization of Section 3 business and workforce